The Longer Version

The longer version of our story continued.   TJ, Veteran and E Koko, Entrepreneur have been friends for over 10 years.  Always meeting for coffee spinning out new ideas for a business to make a difference and also looking for solutions to a problem.  Those seem to be the more successful businesses model in the long run.  In comes TJ’s idea for a product to help drivers with a particular issue. The collaboration begins, E Koko says great, I have some experience with design and manufacturing.  So we set out to write out the product description and some thoughts on the design.

TJ and E Koko decided we need more help, this project could require more resources and more collaboration, in comes JC, Veteran who is E Koko’s friend for over 10 years . . .Two Veterans and an Entrepreneur partnered up to form Driver Seat Bag, LLC. with TJ’s core idea. During the struggle to produce the first idea, which went on for months,  E Koko decided to bring his idea to the forefront, this idea/concept is now known by the name of BAG MODO, which has been hanging around in thought for many years. Restarting the fire each time the bag’s contents ended up on the floor.

E Koko being a road warrior most of his life in outside sales and countless road trips through the years with trials and tribulations of reaching for stuff to stop it from flying on the passenger side floor of the vehicle and also watching stuff fly about the cabin. . . like groceries, lunch, laptop bag and department store bags.

Bag Modo™ Idea and Concept Was Born!

The founders reached the same conclusion that there is a need for our product ideas to solve many driver and vehicle stuff issues in the front and back seats and open compartments of vehicles. We determined Driver Centric Products that provide solutions to challenges and problems for drivers is the direction we should take.

We have been designing, developing, manufacturing and testing our concepts, designs and are carefully reviewing each product with the user/ driver and safety in mind.

We 100% design and build all of our products in the USA.

Loving our country, we are proud to display… Made In the USA.

Bag Modo™ Team

BagModo Team 2020