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Bag Modo™ 2.0

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Help make MODO X Project a dream come true by supporting our MODO products.

Our first product to market is the awesome and practical Bag Modo™ , USA Made and USA Tough!

The inventor, a long time road warrior in outside sales, making countless car trips with all types of bags on the front seat realized reaching for those bags to stop them from flying on the passenger side floor of the vehicle during adverse driving conditions was a BAD IDEA! Also it was painful hearing stuff fly off the rear seats crashing to the floor . .

Bag Modo™ Was Born!

Our ModoVated Team reached the same conclusion that there is a need for our product ideas to solve many driver and vehicle stuff issues in the front and back seats and open compartments of vehicles.

Our concepts, designs and testing are carefully reviewed with the driver and safety in mind.

We 100% design and build all of our MODO X products in the USA.

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Quick Questions & Answers

1What is Bag Modo™?

The patent pending Bag Modo™ hook and stop assembly helps keep grocery bags, hand bags and backpacks from falling on the vehicle's floor. Don't you just HATE when that happens?

2What Does It Do?

Bag Modo™ is a unique product that slips over a vehicle's standard headrest. The Bag Modo™ hook and stop assembly stops grocery bags, hand bags and backpacks from falling to the floor under medium to extreme braking conditions.

3How Can I Get One?

You can purchase Bag Modo™ through our website Shop Now Menu Button or Add to Cart Button which takes you to our shopping cart. Get yours today!

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Bag Modo™ Officially Launched BagModo™ is Gaining Momentum… The launch became official at 10 am pst, The liftoff was a huge success in the first 24 hours!  there is a need for product ideas to solve many drivers and vehicle stuff issues in the front and back seats and open compartments of vehicles. Our concepts, designs, …

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Distracted Driving Impact

Calling All Drivers! If you aren’t giving your full attention to the roadway, the vehicles that are around you, the speed limits, then you are driving distracted. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are generally 3 types of distracted driving situations: Manual Distraction: when a driver takes their hands off the wheel to …

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