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Does This Happen To You?

Don’t you just hate when this happens to you?  Driving home from work or the store and you have to hit your brakes harder than expected.

BAM! Your purse or grocery bags on your front seat hit the floor!

Don’t GET MAD! Get Bag Modo™.

How To Install Bag Modo™

Remove from packaging. Facing the headrest, stretch the Bag Modo™ with the hook facing upward and slide the Bag Modo™ over the headrest until it is on the headrest support rods. 


It is now ready to connect your bag.  If not, put it in the STORAGE MOD, by taking the hook and connecting it to the Modo Stop ™ with the end of the hook sliding into the storage opening on the Modo Stop ™. 


It is now stored out of the way of passengers until it is needed for use.  Easy to install and easy to use!


BAG MODO™ 2.0 is designed to fit across the two standard Headrest Support posts on Front Passenger Seat. Rear Seat Headrests and support posts in most vehicles are narrower.

The installation of BAG MODO™ 2.0

BAG MODO™ 2.0 can be installed by stretching it over the top of the Headrest and rolling it on


For Larger Headrests, it is recommended to unclip the Headrest support posts and slide on BAG MODO™ 2.0 over and up the Headrest support posts and re-install the Headrest. This takes less than a minute to do.


Connect a Bag to Bag Modo™

Connecting your bag to Bag Modo™ is a snap! 

IF it is your plastic grocery bags make sure you place both handles inside the Bag Modo™, with no more than 4 to 5 bags total.  Remember Bag Modo™ can support about 15 lbs.

If it is your Purse or Handbag, it depends upon the size of the strap, try to place both inside, but one can also work as well.

Backpacks usually have a sewn-in hook loop which works best for these type of bags.

Just remember these words, SECURE and SAFETY FIRST when putting handles and straps inside Bag Modo™.

Recommended Bags

Grocery Bags ○ Purse ○ Backpack 

Laptop Bag ○ Equipment Bag

Grocery Bags – 1 to 5 Max

Purses – 1 Handle Primarily

Backpack – Loop or Soft Handle

Laptop Bag – 1 Handle

Equipment Bag – 1 Handle

Note: Not All Bags will fit in BAG MODO™ 2.0, the handle(s) should reasonably fit in and not be forced in.

BAG MODO™ 2.0 is primarily installed on the front passenger seat, which has the highest volume of items placed and the greatest number of items causing accidents and injury to drivers and passengers.

Also, the rear seat headrests are additional locations to install a BAG MODO™ 2.0.